Art and Design

Subject Leader Profile

Lauren Swift
Hi, my name is Mrs Swift and I am the Art and Design subject leader at Roe Lee Park and I also teach in our EYFS. I thoroughly enjoy listening to and discussing the children’s interpretations and thoughts on the work of other artists and how those ideas can shape the style of their own art work. I believe that children should be given the opportunity to express and develop their own, unique artistic flair in a safe and supportive environment in order to foster a lifelong love and appreciation of art and artists. Art is, after all, everywhere in the world around us!

Art and Design at Roe Lee

At Roe Lee Park we want to ensure pupils reach their full potential in art through the introduction of a wider variety of materials and purposeful opportunities from the outset, pupils can and will quickly build their understanding and skills.

We will work together to break down the preconceptions within the subject of art as a whole as preconceptions can stifle creativity. Experimentation, risk, and innovation will be encouraged throughout school.

We believe that a unique style of creativity is in each and every one of us. Pupils therefore have the right to discover this and express their selves through the creative process, no matter what the barriers to that might be.

We will achieve this by being less focussed on the end result and more focussed on the creative process and skills that have been acquired and refined. Roe Lee aims to create confident, independent artists who can value their own creative journeys and are proud of their accomplishments.

During art lessons, children are expected to continually reflect on and evaluate their own work, thinking about how they can make changes and keep improving. The teacher will be able to provide guidance and advice throughout the lesson and pupils will be given the opportunity for self and peer assessment during and at the end of lessons.

Children will be introduced to a range of different artists to develop their own styles and build up a bank of vocabulary linked to art. They will have the opportunities to broaden their knowledge and understanding about the differences and similarities of these artists and be able to make links to their own work. The children will then be able to use the skills they acquire to develop their own style of art.