Attendance and Punctuality

At Roe Lee Park Primary school we recognise that regular attendance at school is very important to your child’s education. Children who attend school every day achieve better and enjoy school and learning more. Our aim is to support you in ensuring your child’s good attendance.

Our school attendance target is a minimum of 96%

We monitor the attendance of each child every month. If your child’s attendance falls below 90% we will write to you to tell you that we are monitoring your child’s attendance. School will work with families to support an improvement in attendance. If your child’s attendance does not improve, we will invite you to speak to meet with school and the Local Authority Attendance Officer to discuss alternative ways in which we can work with you to improve your child’s attendance. We believe your child’s education is a partnership between home and school and together we can make sure your child has excellent attendance.

We celebrate good attendance with termly awards for children who achieve 96%+ or 100% attendance, with weekly attendance awards for classes with the highest attendance. A ‘Best Class Attendance’ award will also be provided to the class which has achieved the best attendance throughout a term. At the end of the year, all children with excellent attendance will be recognised.

Be on time

Pupils’ learning is severely disadvantaged by poor punctuality. The school day begins at 8:50am. From 8:40am, the school doors are open for pupils to enter their classrooms. If pupils are late repeatedly, a letter will be sent home to outline school expectations. If you are having problems getting your child to school on time, please contact school to make an appointment to see Mrs. Campbell, our Attendance Lead.