Subject Leader Profiles

Louise Knowles
Assistant Headteacher

Hi! My name is Mrs Knowles and I have been part of the maths team at Roe Lee since 2012. I have always enjoyed mathematics but really came to love it with the introduction of the mastery curriculum. My experience teaching in KS1 showed me the importance of using a concrete, pictoral and abstract approach to enable children to make connections, spot patterns and become efficient mathematicians and we aim for his to be an intrinsic part of our maths curriculum throughout school.

As a member of the NCETM I have had the opportunity to become involved with our local Maths Hub and become part of the Hub training team. I firmly believe the mastery curriculum provides the opportunity for all children to have success with maths and develop a love for the subject and this is what we strive for at Roe Lee.

Julie Atherton
Hi! My name is Mrs Atherton and I have been part of the mathematics team at Roe Lee Park School since 2012. I have always loved the logic of numbers and the patterns that they make and my most satisfying moments as a teacher are when the children see these patterns and start to make mathematical connections. I am a member of the NCETM and advocate their approach to teaching maths, with the use of concrete materials and implicit teaching of mental strategies to develop children’s understanding. Over my career, I have been part of the QCA, with involvement in the team which set the Key Stage 2 Maths SATs papers, and a member of a local Maths Hub to embed my understanding of the mastery approach to teaching maths. I firmly believe that all children can become successful mathematicians, with a real enjoyment of this subject, and strive to make that a goal at Roe Lee Park School.

Mathematics Intent Statement

At Roe Lee Park Primary School, we aim for every child to become a confident, secure mathematician with a real enjoyment of this subject by promoting a spirit of enquiry which builds on children’s natural curiosity.

Staff will ensure that they provide a spiral curriculum which is focused, coherent and progressive and continuously builds on knowledge and skills previously experienced.

Children will become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics through a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach that will enable pupils to develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge accurately and efficiently.

We encourage children to explain their reasoning and justifications using precise mathematical language.

We strive for children to have the confidence to solve problems, using a range of strategies, and demonstrate resilience to seek solutions which will enable them to succeed in an ever changing world.

Mathematics Long Term Overview

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