Religious Education

Subject Leader Profile

Shenaz Kamni

Hi, my name is Mrs Kamni. I believe that religious education is vital to all children’s education as it equips them with the moral, social, cultural and spiritual knowledge to aid them in becoming valuable citizens within the community. It is important that children have the opportunity to discuss challenging questions and understand the difference between right and wrong. Via religious studies, I strive to prepare the children at Roe Lee for responsibilities, experiences and opportunities within their future.

I hope that the values and beliefs that children form will reflect in their behaviour and communication with others.

Religious Education at Roe Lee

Roe Lee Park Primary School is made up of staff and pupils who originate from many different nationalities and cultures. As a school, we aim to celebrate this diversity in both our R.E. lessons and our assemblies.

We believe that Religious Education plays a crucial role in all pupil’s spiritual, cultural, social and moral development. We want to encourage each child to promote tolerance, equality and respect for each other and to give each child the opportunity for enquiry and personal reflection. We aim for children to explore R.E. through creative and critical thinking, drama, discussions and debates. This will allow them to develop their language and communication skills alongside expanding their range of vocabulary. By drawing from their experiences and giving them new ones and by reaching out and making links within the local area, we are hopefully preparing them for citizenship today in our diverse society.