School Council

What does our school council do?

At Roe Lee Park Primary school we are proud to have pupil representatives for each class who are members of our school council. The main purpose of our school council is to provide a pupil voice for pupils to express their opinions, present their requirements and get a chance to make decisions regarding their education. Each council representative takes part in regular meetings, communicates whatever has been discussed back to class and we work together to make decisions about our school.

At each meeting we discuss a wide range of topics such as fundraising for the school, school finances, events extra-curricular activities and what the children want to do to make their school a better place.

Our School Council recently led work on agreeing our school values and selecting role models for our team point reward system. See our Behaviour for Learning Policy for more information on our values and team points.

This year, the school council have worked hard and organised many fundraising events, for charities such as Children in Need, Comic Relief, Down Syndrome International and Age UK.